Aimed at human development through sea life and navigation, Adventure Therapy is divided into three specific phases ,during a period of time that can last up to a year: pre-boarding, in navigation, post-boarding.


Definition of the objectives necessary to navigate

This phase takes place off board and is determined for the success of the entire project. Each person who participates in the activities of Nave ITALIA is required to define: What he will do on board The purpose of his actions His role His activities The relationships he will have to activate to achieve his objectives The personal skills he will have to activate The learning he must achieve


Each activity acquires meaning for the person who has to carry it out.

Every activity acquires meaning for the person who has to carry it out. Life on board becomes the go-between around which the two main aspects of the growth process revolve: relationship with others and collection of material to narrate the experience on the ship. Relationship with others On board, “go-betweens” are needed, that is, “bridges”, emotions and activities that create links between situations that are otherwise distant and unable to communicate directly. The task of the operators is to build and structure this network of relations based on the acquaintance of the people who come on board. Data collection Collecting ideas, memories, details, to convey the experiences lived on board: the story of one’s growth process is the activity that unites all those who take part in the project on Nave Italia: children and teenagers, operators and crew, even the parents. Nobody excluded. Because continuing to grow is possible.


The homecoming and the questions that help to grow

Homecoming and the questions that help to grow up How have the experiences on Nave Italia positively affected the activities, relationships and roles of the participants in their daily life? How did the experiences on Nave Italia emotionally enrich those who lived the adventure on board? After disembarking, the growth process continues at home and is summed up in these two questions. To answer them, the focus will have to be on how to integrate in everyday life what each person has learned on board; to gather evidence and documents about the route they chose and finally on the possible use of the person in future projects, as a tutor and guide for other people by putting into practice the skills acquired.