Who we are

Tender to Nave Italia

From 2997 alongside the most fragile people.

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2007. For many years we have been fighting all forms of prejudice on disabilities and social hardship, alongside people who, because of that prejudice, risk ending up on the margins of our communities. We joined forces to break down the wall of indifference. Our weapons are educational and rehabilitation projects that we carry out on board a sailing brig, called Nave Italia, following a method that has proven its effectiveness over time: adventure therapy. An adventure that, year after year, mission after mission, shows that at sea there are no walls,  all are essential in life on board and can be so on land also. Our task is to bring this awareness into the hearts and souls of those who do not yet know it.


Working together to enhance the most fragile people.

Breaking down walls of incommunicability, filling chasms of solitude, rounding headlands of indifference. The crew of the Italian Navy, the staff of Tender To Nave Italia Foundation, the kids and  youngsters and the staff of the associations who come on board our brig: we all sail together, keeping our compass always oriented towards the construction of solid and lasting moral values, whith the ultimate goal of inclusion, better understanding and collaboration. The strength of the group fills individual’s shortcomings, and the individual talent gives personality to the team. Ours is a job of continuous rapprochement between people who are able to see in diversity the energy that is needed to carry out the mission of civil commitment which has always united us. A clean, healthy energy that each mission renews.


Together to promote an authentic culture of inclusion

The “Tender To Nave Italia” Foundation is an association in which many people  work together, on board the ship and on land, to provide all beneficiaries extraordinary life adventures and experiences of solidarity and partnership.


The richness of diversity.

We navigate with our compass always oriented on the construction of solid and lasting moral values, which revolve around respect for human dignity. We discuss the diversities that make us unique, and we collaborate in order that by those differences each of us will be enriched . At sea there are no children who are being protected, but subjects who acquire or strengthen their awareness of being worth as a person in everyday life, even when the mission on the brig is over.