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5 x 1000

Fill in the CUD form, the 730 or Unico form and enter the Tender To Nave Italia Foundation Tax Code 95108080102 in the box indicated as "Support for non-profit organizations of social utility".


Fundraising events. You can organize fundraising events on board or in the ports where the ship will dock to support one or more projects in your area or to raise awareness of the activities of the TTNI Foundation.

Become Ambassador of Nave Italia.

The Nave Italia Ambassador creates fundraising opportunities and promotes the Foundation's mission, activities and projects externally, and activates associations and partners to submit projects for the sailing season.

Organize your event on Nave Italia

There are several opportunities to organize an event and Nave Italia offers you the opportunity to make it even more special. For companies, organizing an event on board means choosing a new and generous way to support the mission of Nave Italia and make any event even more special. Having the opportunity to contribute with your company meeting to support solidarity projects will give added value to corporate purposes. The occasion will allow the company to know the solidarity activities of Nave Italia and at the same time use a special location for their own event.


Bank transfer
IBAN IT 90 V 02008 01468 000060035817

Unicredit Private Banking in the name of the Tender To Nave Italia Foundation

Postal account
Postal account 78358553 in the name of the Tender To Nave Italia Foundation.

Online donation


Our partners support the Foundation through fundraising, supply of products for Nave Italia or through the Banking Foundations and other charities. Another important action to find new lenders also takes place online through an increasingly constant presence on social networks.


As a company you can support the Foundation in several ways. Choose the one that best suits your needs.